New ‘Optimised’ Marine Grazer From New Era Imminent

As mentioned in our recent welcome post for new site sponsors New Era Aquaculture, we are excited to bring you more detail on an update to one of their key products – the already hugely successful ‘Mini Marine Grazer’.

Taking on-board feedback from customers, New Era will soon be releasing an optimised version of the grazer that is 50% smaller than the original. This new size is sure to be a hit with the large number of hobbyists managing more modest collections of fishes, as it should reduce the possibility of the ring disintegrating before it gets eaten, and falling down into the tank.

We’ve been lucky enough to obtain an advance sample of the new size and can confirm it still proves irresistable to a wide range of fishes. This product is particularly good for grazing species like Surgeons, Angels, Butterflies and Rabbitfishes and we believe regular feeding may well help to keep their attentions away from your prized corals.

Look out for the product hitting the shelves in the next few weeks, or keep your eye on New Era’s website for further news.

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