Review: Vertex Triplex Cleaner Magnet

You’d think it would be pretty hard to get excited about a simple algae magnet. Well, if that’s the case just take a look at this offering from Cologne-based purveyors of reefing-excellence, Vertex Aquaristik. Offering the discerning aquarist a perfect marriage of ‘form and function’ this magnet attracts in more ways than one.

Seriously, this scrubber exudes class literally from the moment you lay your eyes on the box, indeed such is the quality of the packaging that it almost feels sacreligous to slice through the glittering holographic seal. In the hand the device (the term ‘algae scrubber’ somehow doesn’t seem adequate) feels a nice weight and the  Nickel-plated Rare-Earth magnets entombed in thick, precision milled and polished acrylic look fantastic. This is a seriously strong device too, easily capable of holding on 12mm glass, so be careful if separating it outside the tank. Finally, at 100x27x9mm the inner block couples a low profile with a large surface area to allow the Triplex to get clean large swathes of glass with ease while fitting into corners and narrow gaps.

Currently available as part of the Cleaner-Mag range (which consists of 3 sizes – Simplex, Duplex and Triplex, with a larger Quadruplex model due in January 2013), this top-end magnet will make keeping your tank clean a dream. The Triplex retails for a very reasonable £34.99 and is currently distributed in the UK by Marine Aquatics (click the banner below to view their site).

Our conclusion… your reef won’t be the only talking point with this piece of bling on the glass.

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