Review: TMC V2 Bio React 500

It’s been quite a while since we did our original unboxing review of this reactor, so we’ve been itching to get it running on our system. Now that we’ve made progress with other areas of the display the time was right to deploy this equipment and we set-to with the final assembly and installation.

We’ve already conveyed our high regard for the construction and simplicity of this reactor and this was confirmed as we got to grips with connecting it up. To power it, we decided to use an old maxijet 900 that we had spare and to connect this to the reactor just required some Eheim 12/16 tubing between pump and reactor. The outflow is already sorted being a fixed down pipe (although this could no doubt be modified if needed). Although perhaps ideal for fluidising biopellets, we decided to use a Phosphate resin in this reactor and a sink test revealed the MJ900 to agitate 100grams of Biophos 80 we used just right (note that we’ll be reviewing the Biophos 80 seperately in a week or so). After a rinse with RO water we set to getting the unit into the return pump chamber of our sump and we just managed to squeeze it in without removing any parts. Although we are running it within the sump we found the bracket to be really useful as it allowed us to hang the unit and maximise floor space in the sump. Turning the power on, we can see that the media is agitated right down to the bottom but isn’t being pulled up against the fine inner sponge at the top. The unique flow inverter looks to work really well, ensuring the media is kept in suspension which maximises the media to water contact time within the reactor. Although slightly tricky to seat perfectly, the sponge looks fine enough to keep even the finest media from exiting the reactor. After running several hours we re-checked the unit and no leaks were evident. Take a look at our quick video montage to see the unit running.


So in conclusion we’ve been impressed by this unit. It’s relatively inexpensive, well constructed and designed, simply to assemble and install and effectively fludises a rang eof media.

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