New Images: SPS Corals In Stereo

Following on from our recent tank update, we thought we’d post some images of a few of the corals we added just before xmas 2012. Having been in the tank for well over a month now we are keeping our fingers crossed that these specimens are now settled, indeed we can already see signs of growth and excellent polyp extension (particularly at night).

We actually decided to create some stereoscopic images in this instance and have added these to our gallery. We hope that as time goes by, these images will provide a really useful record of the 3 dimensional changes that occur as the colonies mature, perhaps more effectively than with standard images. If you’ve never viewed a stereo image before, the effect is quite remarkable once achieved, but it does require the ability to go ‘cross-eyed’ for it to work. For more detailed viewing instructions, see the introduction in the gallery.

Don’t forget to click to view at a larger size.

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