CoralCulture Now Retailing Neptune Systems Apex AquaController

Release from CoralCulture as follows:

The Apex AquaController is the market leading controller in the US and is now available in fully CE-Compliant UK spec. Pound for pound we believe it offers the best balance of features, build quality and ease of use on the market today. The system is modular and has a straightforward lineup with full UK support and backup in case of any issues. The base package is fully featured and gives an aquarist all they need to automate their aquarium (1x controller, 1x Display, 1x 6 socket power bar, 1x temp probe and 1x std pH Probe)…at a SRP of just £599.95. For further details please visit the manufacturers website:

You can order the base unit, or base pack described above right now via our website.

• Sleek design
• Competetive pricing
• Built-in Web Server
• html Dashboard with webcam integration
• Fully Plug & Play
• Temp, pH, ORP, Conductivity, leak & Oxygen probes all available
• Base unit features switchable BNC connection for either 2 x pH or 1 x Ph + 1 x ORP probe connection
• LED Dimming
• Tunze & EcoTech Control
• Legacy X-10 support
• 6x float switches supported as standard, more can be added as needed
• Long Life probes
• Multiple Alarm types (inc eMail)
• Quality construction
• Android and iPhone/iPad software (Free)
• Power monitoring & UPS ready
• Simple or Advanced programming
• Huge online support community
• Lunar simulation

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