Digital-Reefs Update: Coming-up This Autumn…

IMG_1416aWow, time certainly flies when you’re having fun… and that’s certainly how we’d describe reef-keeping… in general that is! Sure there are times when we are faced with problems and challenges and we are certainly no different in that respect. Actually, in our next ‘black tank update’ in the coming few weeks we’ll be relaying some of our experiences, both positive and slightly less positive. As ever we are also extremely busy here at the blog and this summer things have been hotting-up, not just temperature wise!

Firstly, June was our busiest month ever on the site with well over 7000 unique viewers stopping-by. You may have noticed that we’ve been pretty quiet actually though over the summer in terms of post and we do apologise for this. Unfortunately running a blog isn’t quite enough to support us on its own (yet!) so the day job has still got to take precedence.

Anyway, we’ve now completed the skimmer review promised in our last update and published this recently. We are still aware that we’ve still got out T5 review to complete and this isn’t far off now. As ever we don’t rush into things, preferring to evaluate performance over a decent period. In terms of new developments we are very pleased to have our fourth skimmer review lined-up and we’ll be bringing you firstly an unboxing review, and then a working review of the Vertex Omega 150 before the year is out. In order to make this happen we’ve also got a sump upgrade on the test tank that should be interesting, and of course the tank itself continues to develop nicely. We’ll be making some modifications to the tank that will give it whole new look (or maybe two).

Of course we’ll also continue to bring you the latest news, videos, product developments, wallpapers and more, along with an extensive feature on our visit to this years’ major UK trade show Aqua2013 later in the year!

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