Review: Little Ocean Frag Racks and Plugs

After several months of growth and the occasional disturbance to our aquascape, we recently had chance to round-up some of the various fragments that had naturally ended up lying around on the substrate in our test tank. Rather than using them to start new colonies on the aquascape though we decided we’d get hold of a frag rack and see if we could grow these on to trade with other hobbyists. At the end of the day, any extra money we could generate would be very useful in continuing to run and stock the system.

So, having been impressed with Little Oceans products previously, we dropped them a note and soon had 2 different racks in our possession to trial. In the hand, each rack felt well-fabricated being formed from a single piece of 3mm clear acrylic (the plate holding the shelf steady from the outside is made from black acrylic with logo cut-out and magnets of course). On the rack, holes (12mm) and edges were well-finished showing a high degree of precision and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. The magnetic mounting systems also worked really well, holding the racks just the right amount to keep them stable (even under high flow conditions), but also allowing them to be repositioned for glass cleaning etc (note: our tank is made from 10mm glass). In terms of size and layout we notice there are quite a few different options available and these are likely to suit a variety of needs… from compact ‘slim-line’ racks for holding small SPS frags (that we used), to more widely spaced designs suitable for larger pieces, or specimens where greater separation is required. There are even corner units or tiered racks available and these range in price from £18.99 for a small, straight rack with 12 holes, up to £28.99 for a slimline 44 hole sps rack.

Frag-Plug-GroupSo the racks were good… but what about the plugs? Well, Little Ocean also supplied us with a bag of 18 acrylic frag plugs and again these turned out to be really good. Fitting into the rack holes perfectly these are simple and well-made plugs. Featuring easy-snap stems, they also have textured tops which allow for good adhesion when super-gluing frags onto them. The easy-snap design allows the disc to be separated from the stem with ease, or a tiny drop of superglue will join them back together. All-in-all an excellent solution for fragging and we think they look far better than ceramic plugs too. A pack of 18 plugs currently goes from £7.50 so, combined with whichever rack suits your needs the best, this offers a great way to either get into fragging, or to expand your operations!

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