Digital-Reefs: Summer 2014 Update

OK so it’s time for a quick update on what’s going to be coming up on Digital-Reefs in the next few weeks as we head through Summer and into Autumn. Firstly we must apologise for a slight pause in posting recently…. rest assured that we haven’t been sitting around idly ‘twiddling our thumbs’ during this period. Actually, we’ve been hard at work negotiating a plethora of new product reviews, the first of which we should have up for you very soon!

Yes, along with our hands-on review of Vertex Aquaristik’s attractive new V6 return pump, we’ve got not just 1, but 2 salt reviews! For these,we’ll be breaking out the test kits and putting iquatics Ocean Reef Coral Pro and Red Sea’s Coral Pro salts under scrutiny. In terms of reef lighting, we’ve now managed to get hold of the entire range of Arcadia’s new T5 bulbs and they certainly look interesting. On top of this we’re also trialling a TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima Natural Daylight tile on our sump. Watch this space for more information! Kit-wise, as well as the V6, we’ve also got hold of a BioPhos 80 reactor from BioAquatek, and we’ve also got several chemical media products we’ll be looking at – BioPhos 80 itself and a number of offerings from Seachem’s excellent range. On the subject of chemicals, we’ll be taking on a couple of stubborn Aiptasia in our test tank with the help of Red Sea’s Aiptasia-X and of course letting you know how we get on. Beyond this we’ve got a raft of products from Nyos on the way (hopefully including their recently released Quantum skimmer). In truth there’s probably enough here to keep us busy until Christmas given our current workload!

Of course alongside our product reviews we’ll also be continuing to bring you the latest and more ‘alternative’ general news stories, reaching the areas that those other blogs just don’t cover! A theme update is also in the offing but we want to make sure the site doesn’t suffer any prolonged loss in functionality during that phase so we’re timing this carefully. We also realise a test tank update is long overdue and again this is something that we WILL be bringing you shortly. The system is going well and shows some fascinating development when compared to the last update.

So, all-in-all, there’s lots going on behind the scenes at the moment… so don’t forget to keep dropping by and show your support. As ever we are keen to promote reader involvement so feel free to comment and get in touch if you think you can add something to the blog. We’ve got a total of just over 3600 subscribers on the site now and regularly attract well over 10,000 unique visitors a ,from all over the world, so the site could become a really useful hub not only for hobbyists, if we can just get some interaction going!

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