Review: iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt

In this ‘hands on’ review we’ll take a look at a salt that was originally launched back in early 2014. As a relatively new player in the market place this product comes from a company already well known in the UK as an online lighting and equipment manufacturer. Touted as a synthetic blend boasting Magnesium levels of 1360ppm, Calcium 445ppm and Potassium 405ppm (levels which the company say have been slightly raised to account for depletions in home aquaria), this salt also claims to be Nitrate and Phosphate free, and fast dissolving. But does this new kid on the block ‘do what it says on the tin’?

Well the first thing to look at of course is presentation and packaging and all seems fine here. The bucket is nice and sturdy and keeps the contents dry, certainly over the several weeks of or test. Our 10kg sample bucket proved a little challenging to open but after searching the web we worked out how to do it. It did require some effort to pull the lid off once the seal had been removed (instructions on the bucket would be good). We understand the larger 20kg buckets have a screw top that should prove easier to handle. On to the salt itself and we found it to mix well. Adding it slowly to a bucket of warmed RO with a TDS of zero, virtually all of the mix had dissolved after around 24hrs, with just a few small particles left in the centre bottom of the bucket. Nothing out of the ordinary. We didn’t notice any other residues left. After 48hrs, we tested the key elements and found them all to match closely with those claimed. Frankly we don’t think it’s really worth posting up specific readings due to the potential differences attained from the variety of test kits brands, suffice to say that none of the parameters tested were outside accepted or claimed ranges. Although not technically ‘Phosphate free’, PO4 was nice and low at 0.01, and trace elements (Iodine, Potassium and Iron) were also at levels well suited to full reef systems. We’d certainly have no hesitation using this salt for our test system which houses a range of hard corals and clams. Research around the web also seems to suggest this salt is being used without issue by plenty of other hobbyists.

Coming in 10kg and 20kg bucket sizes and priced at £24.95 and £44.95 respectively, this salt compares favourable against other brands. Actually, by calculating a price ‘per KG’ we can see this to be one of the most cost effective options available. Based on this affordability and attainment of acceptable parameters, iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt salt earns our ‘seal of approval’. Click HERE to view more info this product!

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