Unboxed: MaxSpect XF150 Gyre Generator

It’s been the talk of the forums since the prototype was seen at Interzoo earlier this year, now finally we’ve received an early production model of Maxspects hotly-anticipated new product for testing. With potential to literally ‘stir-up the market’ in water flow devices, this product is certainly novel in appearance and the performance stats also look exciting. Before we install our unit on the test tank, lets unbox the product and give you some of our initial impressions.

Shipped to us direct from UK distributor BCUK, the XF150s packaging is some of the best we’ve seen. Inside the attractive outer cardboard box, the contents are contained neatly within a metal case (OK, it looks a bit like a biscuit tin but hey, we like biscuits!). Each component nestles neatly inside a foam insert and they are held very securely. There’s also a very clear-looking instruction sheet included which looks like it will make a doddle setting-up (we notice there are some good instructional videos online too). Basically we have 3 major components included inside – the pump itself, the controller, and the power pack. In the hand, the XF is pretty much the size we thought it would be – specifically it measures 11.8 x 2.9 x 2.4in (LxWxH). It feels well-constructed, just under a KG in weight, and we like the design. It certainly has the potential to be less conspicuous than some of the other pumps we are currently running. The magnet holder is very powerful indeed you’ll need to be careful with this… don’t let kids near it, and don’t put it near electrical equipment. The magnet is rated to hold the unit steady on glass up to approx. 15mm thick, or slightly thicker acrylic. Handling the other components gives us the same sense of quality and we like the controller and cradle supplied (which can be stuck, or screwed in place). The controller itself promises a variety of flow modes (constant, pulsing, alternating and feeding) and different output levels.

On the subject of performance, on paper this unit is slated to shift 5000gph at full power while drawing 50 watts (we assume this is US gallons, so make that just under 19000lph). It’s going to be hard to quantify the actual output, but based on our experience with other brands such as Vortech, Tunzes, Hydors etc we will certainly be able to give our opinion on how it compares when we install it on the tank in the coming days. It should also be very interesting to see how our mixture of SPS and LPS react to the flow, and exactly how we will end up mounting it.

Just released to the UK market in the last few days, this unit retails (at time of writing) for £249.99 and comes with a 2yr warranty. Two further models, one smaller and one larger are slated for release in the near future. Keep an eye on the blog for our forthcoming operational review and video, or better yet subscribe to our RSS feed to receive instant notification of new material on the site.

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