Unboxed: Sicce X Stream E Compact Wave Pump

With a global reputation for quality, Sicce products represent the culmination of over 40 years’ experience in the industry. Based on innovative research and advanced technology, their pumps are highly regarded, being incorporated into many systems, either in stand-alone application, or as parts of other devices. In this unboxing review, we take a look at the latest offering from their aquarium division, the X Stream E compact wave pump.

Actually, Sicce have made our job rather easy here with their own promotional video which gives a really good overview of the new pump. Although we will be bringing your our own operational review in due course, the video covers the key features and shows in-tank operation also. We suggest you watch the video.

In terms of our initial thoughts, we were very happy with the packaging and presentation of this pump. Inside the attractive and sturdy box, the pump and controller are held securely within cut-outs in a snug cardboard insert. Ancillary components such as the plug adapter (which felt good quality and was reasonably compact), and cable tidy, were secured on the underside of the insert. In the hand, the pump feels well-made and was much more compact than we were expecting. Disassembling the pump (as shown in the video) was very simple and this bodes well for when we have to remove it from the tank for cleaning. That said, it also fits together extremely well and nothing feels loose. The magnet feels very powerful and the directional ball-socket feels just the right tension to allow for easy adjustment while avoiding ‘drooping’. One thing we noticed that has been commented on in other reviews is that the detachment of the magnet arm didn’t seem possible in the way indicated (by the lever on the back of the pump head). Frankly we can’t see the need for this being likely anyway, so no problem in our view. Taking the controller in-hand, this component is simplicity defined but the sucker attachment isn’t much use to us. The rear surface unfortunately doesn’t offer a significant flat area to use Velcro pads either so it isn’t particularly easy to secure into a sump for example, unless you stick the sucker onto glass (which we wouldn’t trust in the long term to be honest). In short, it’s not a major problem but it isn’t perfect.

Keep your eyes on the blog as we’ll be evaluating this product in more detail through an operational review in the coming weeks.

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