Review: Eheim Jager Heaterstat

Mid-summer is a bit of a strange time to be talking about heaters but in this review we’ll be doing just that by taking a look at one of the diverse range of units currently on the market. Setting up our second test system has provided an ideal opportunity to run a test and for this we’ve chosen a unit from the highly renowned Eheim ‘Jager’ range.

Provided by Swell UK, Eheim Jager have an excellent reputation and this was an important factor in our choosing of this unit. To be honest we’ve used many heaters over the years and some have been better than others. Overall we’ve certainly found it is worth sticking to well-known brands as the quality and reliability of ‘cheapo’ units is often poor, in many cases providing false economy.

Coming in a range of sizes, the Jager is completely submersible with a temperature control dial, and an automatic safety shut off switch. It also has a chrome-nickel helical heating coil that is promises long life and efficient, uniform heating. The 2mm thick shock-resistant glass out-performs its counterparts which generally only have 1mm thick glass. Both fresh and saltwater compatible, this unit also includes a generous six foot cord.

In use, the temperature dial is clear and visible and easy to adjust, even when slightly wet. With an amber coloured indicator light to show when the unit is operating, this unit also has an auto shut off switch for safety purposes but take note that, as our unit hasn’t failed, we haven’t tested this. In terms of accuracy, the unit maintains a temperature within 2 degrees Centigrade of the target reliably which we feel is completely acceptable for this kind of technology. For a reef tank we would certainly recommend attaching the unit to a dedicated controller and in this scenario we’d have no hesitation in trusting the unit with the most delicate of livestock.

Coming in a variety of different ‘sizes’, from 25 – 300 watts the range should offer a solution for most scenarios and take note that a 1yr manufacturers guarantee is included. For more information or to order we suggest you visit Swell UKs website HERE, and view more on the range on Eheims website.

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