Review: Koralia 3G

As specialists in the design and production of aquarium equipment since 1984, Hydor have already brought us some really useful reef aquarium kit. Their Koralia range of stream pumps is perhaps the first to spring to mind, and we were therefore most interested when they announced the launch of a ‘third generation’ range earlier this year. In this ‘hands on’ review we take a closer look at this updated model.

The first thing that we notice is how incredibly small these pumps really are. At just 102x77mm, each of the three models is from 30 – 50% smaller than the previous generation equivalent. Power consumption versus output is the next statistic that jumps out, and, benefitting from a new propeller profile and synchronous motor, it seems that the frugal power draw of these pumps has dropped even further (now just 3.5 – 6.3watts), while their output has increased significantly (5000 – 9000lph). Feature-wise, the pumps’ most obvious difference is their mounting system which now centres around an innovative suction-cup assembly which doubles as a magnet mount. Low profile and beautifully simple, this mount also gives the 3G great directionability, with no moving parts, and effectively dampens any vibration noise making the pump very quiet. At the ‘business end’, we have 3 different grilles included to suit, with our favourite being an eductor style grille which gives a wide flow pattern. While it is notoriously difficult to measure the exact flow output with this kind of pump, our experience with previous models suggests that the output is indeed improved and, in operation, the pumps are still exceptionally quiet and their small size makes them highly inobtrusive.

With a 2.5m cable, it should be easy to mount these pumps in the vast majority of situations, and take note that they are compatible with a variety of timers and controllers. Retailing at £99 – £119 these diminutive pumps would certainly be our choice for those smaller systems.

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