Red Sea Launches Spectacular Peninsula Style And XXL Reef Systems

Red Sea recently announced the upcoming Spring launch of their new Peninsula and XXL models, meeting the needs of advanced hobbyists seeking larger, more sophisticated reef systems. Click below to read the full release!

The REEFER™ Peninsula style systems features ultra-clear glass on three sides of the aquarium offering a captivating, multidimensional view of the reefscape and are perfect as a room divider, allowing hobbyists to create intimate yet open spaces in any home or office.

Available in 125cm long/500 liter or 160cm long/650 liter versions, these 60cm high aquariums are set on cabinets with epoxy painted finish on both sides. The cabinet includes a dedicated ventilated compartment for chiller and control systems and the doors may be assembled on either side of the cabinet to suit the layout of the room.

The new XXL REEFER™  models are impressive, full-sized reef systems that offer unlimited aquascaping options. With 150cm long/625 liter or 180cm long/750 liter models available, the XXL REEFERS™ give hobbyists the freedom to create more diverse reefscapes without the constraints of smaller tanks.

The XXL are constructed using 19mm ultra-clear glass for both strength and viewing quality and have all of the same great features as the current REEFER™ range.

Eli Nissenberg, Red Sea CEO, commented on Red Sea’s upcoming launch: “The new Peninsula and XXL models bring new possibilities to the world of reef keeping. Hobbyists can now create large-scale reef systems without needing expensive custom-built solutions. We’re pleased to provide high quality solutions for every need and interest in the reef aquarium market.”

All of the new models include the following advanced features of the REEFER line:

  • Rimless, super-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant Marine-Spec cabinet
  • Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags
  • Integrated automatic top-up with reservoir
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required

For more information on the new Peninsula, XXL reef systems and all of Red Sea’s products visit

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