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Running in one form or another since 2005, the site exists primarily to provide information, advice, news and entertainment to reefkeepers from the UK… and beyond!

The site also exists to educate generally, to promote responsible and sustainable reefkeeping practices, and of course, to pay homage to the beauty and resilience of the marine species that are collected for ornamental purposes.

The site currently centres on blog entries which are displayed on the homepage or within various categories accessed from there. As well the material mentioned above, the site also offers access to extensive image and information galleries, an article archive and a directory of retailers and resources. Supported by many of the marine trade’s major manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, the site also features regular product and service reviews which can be accessed from the central portal page.

As the site continues to develop further, useful additions should come online so don’t forget to bookmark the site, and consider subscribing to gain access to the full version of the site.

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