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Superb SPS Available At CoralCulture

images courtesy of CoralCulture

As part of their ‘Superior Collection’ CoralCulture are currently offering some absolutely stunning, hand-picked SPS.

As shown in the images, these pieces really are exceptional in colouration and clearly in top condition having been sourced from the best suppliers worldwide.

We’ve had corals from this supplier in the past and have no hesitation in agreeing that these corals probably represent some of the best currently available within the UK. Don’t expect them to be around for long though! Click HERE to take a look!




Red Carpet Out for Ultra Aussie LPS delivery at Dreamreef, Leicester (UK)

image copyright Dreamreef

If offering this spectacular and rather rare red carpet anemone wasn’t enough to get you interested, keep your eyes open for an influx of mouthwatering LPS at this store in the very near future.

Adding to stock already on offer, an exlusive look at the list reveals some 25 Acanthastreas, 25 Scolymias, 30 Symphyllia wilsonis, 25 Trachyphyllias and 15 Cynarinas are due-in… all ultra grade and CITES approved.

Heads-up also for a shipment next week of Indonesian hard corals at the same store to include Euphyllias, Favias, Acroporas and Montiporas plus others… AND to cap it off, a Vietnamese Zoa and Ricordea order!

Visit their website for further info, or check out the thread at Ultimatereef.