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(please note: in certain instances manufacturers may provide goods free of charge to us for testing purposes. Even if this is the case, we will always give an honest assessment of the product in question).

Review: BCUK Mysis RS, Calanus and First Bite Flake Foods

When it comes to the wellbeing of your marine fish collection, the nutrition that you offer is critical. For a start, fish need the energy to go about their everyday lives but also, they rely on what you provide to ward-off diseases and of course, to maintain and gain weight as they grow. Perhaps the best way to offer a varied diet that provides for their needs, and offers a form of ‘environmental enrichment’, is to feed a selection of products… a mixture of frozen, dried, fresh… pellets, flakes and whole items. When it comes to dried flake foods, we’ve tried quite a few, indeed we rely on the convenience of this popular kind of food at busy times. Continue reading Review: BCUK Mysis RS, Calanus and First Bite Flake Foods

Review: Real Reef Rock (Generation 4)

When it comes to aquascaping, we’ve used quite a few different solutions over the years and our experiences, both in terms of handling the product and the end results, have been pretty variable. In this review we’ll be taking a look at a particular product that has been available for a little while now (indeed we first spotted it at Aqua2013) but which so far, we hadn’t had the opportunity to evaluate directly. Setting-up our new Red Sea Reefer 170 gave us the perfect chance to try out a batch of the latest ‘4th generation’ version of Real Reef Rock. Continue reading Review: Real Reef Rock (Generation 4)

Review: Elos OsmoController Digital

Dealing with evaporation from a reef tank can be a real chore if you haven’t got a robust system in place and there’s also a pretty high element of risk involved if your chosen system isn’t up to scratch. For a start, it could fail to keep-up with demand (in which case a low water level could expose equipment and lead to a system failure), or at the other end of the scale, overfilling could make your tank literally ‘runneth-over’ (causing untold damage and recrimination). In either case your Salinity is also going to be ‘all over the place’ too, stressing livestock, possibly to death…. in short this is one area where cutting-costs can come back and ‘bite you on the bum’! Continue reading Review: Elos OsmoController Digital

Review: (Marine Aquatics UK Mail Order Service)

reefstockContinuing our adventures with mail-order marine livestock in the UK, we recently negotiated a sample shipment from the online-arm of well-known West Midlands-based Marine Aquatics. Running since early 2013, has piqued our interest on more than one occasion by offering some of the tastiest corals we’ve seen from a UK-based operation, at extremely competitive prices. Recently settling into new premises in January 2015, let’s find out if they delivered on their initial promise. Continue reading Review: (Marine Aquatics UK Mail Order Service)

Review: TMC V²Pure Advanced RO System

Arguably one of the most critical components of any reef system, the humble RO Unit sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Sometimes a hobbyist may end up selecting a unit that ‘seems’ up to the task without really researching it. Once in place RO Units can also be ‘taken for granted’ and, as a result, actual performance under ‘typical’ home operating conditions (membrane efficiency, actual GPD, ease of assembly etc) is sometimes overlooked. In this review we’ll take a closer look at TMCs V²Pure RO system and see how it stacks-up against other units we’ve used. Continue reading Review: TMC V²Pure Advanced RO System

Review: NYOS® Organic Fish Food

Whether or not your fish are common or rare, affordable or expensive, we are sure you’ll agree that they all deserve the best care to ensure their health, growth and longevity in captivity, and a key ingredient in providing for this is of course, effective nutrition. Beyond filling your fishes bellies, the kind of food you choose can also have important ramifications on the wider health of your reef system. We were therefore interested to try samples of Nyos‘ organic soft ‘superfoods‘ which, beyond the intriguing main ingredient selection, seem to be really interesting products. So let’s take a closer look. Continue reading Review: NYOS® Organic Fish Food

Review: Nyos Quantum 220 Skimmer

If you caught our recent unboxing review you’ll know that we installed this interesting skimmer on the test tank back in Autumn 2014. This is certainly a great looking skimmer and now that it’s been running for a good while we are in a position to give you more detail on how it stacks-up operationally (for technical details on the design of the skimmer, please read the unboxing review). Continue reading Review: Nyos Quantum 220 Skimmer

*EXCLUSIVE* Unboxed: Red Sea REEFER™ 170 Aquarium System

(light not included)

Breaking the news of their launch back in November 2014 we’ve been eagerly anticipating the commercial release of Red Sea’s new REEFER line of rimless braceless aquaria, as we suspect have many of you! In advance of the imminent arrival of the first run we’ve managed to get our hands on the very first unit and in this unboxing review (of sorts) we’ll be taking a preliminary look at the key aspects of the set-up both aesthetic and functional. Whether or not you’ve placed an order already, are considering doing so, or are just plain interested in such a system for the future, we hope this review will prove useful and entertaining! Continue reading *EXCLUSIVE* Unboxed: Red Sea REEFER™ 170 Aquarium System

Unboxed: JECOD (Jebao) DCT4000 Return Pump

In case you haven’t heard, Jebao are changing their name to JECOD (which stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design). All new UK products will have this branding, and first to reach us are the new DCT series of pumps which replaced the previous DC series late last year. In this unboxing review we take a preliminary look at the DCT4000 model and evaluate the range overall in terms of quality,  performance on paper and features. Continue reading Unboxed: JECOD (Jebao) DCT4000 Return Pump

Review: TMC EASI-Dose 3 Programmable Dosing System

Although they’ve been used on reef systems for many years, peristaltic dosing pumps (or ‘peri’ pumps) have become a much more common sight in the last few years being integral to a number of relatively new supplementation regimes. Whereas once, a single peri pump with no particular control, slaving away in some far corner of a cabinet was the norm, modern units offer multiple pumps, digital control, slave options and a range of other features. One such unit is the EASI-Dose from TMC which we look at in this review. Continue reading Review: TMC EASI-Dose 3 Programmable Dosing System