Vertex Launch New ‘Somatic’ Brand For Smaller Systems

Press release follows:

Somatic Aquaristik offers complete solutions for systems smaller than 400 litres.

The brand focuses on size specific solutions that solve common challenges of keeping smaller reef aquariums. Somatic products have numerical designations reflecting their optimal system rating in US-gallons. Our goal is to remove the mystery and complexities of the hobby allowing both entry level and advanced hobbyist enjoy successful reef keeping.

somatic logo

We also realise not every aquarist has the same goals and aspiration, for that reason we design our modular products. Somatic products are geared towards achieving the hobbyist goals by endless customisation possibilities. We utilise practical production methods, components and material to ensure our products do not become the cost prohibitive factor for masses to enjoy this amazing hobby.
With all that in mind Somatic Aquaristik employs; “Aquatic Peace of Mind” as its motto.

The first Somatic System released; “System 60” focuses on systems ranging from 180 to 300 liters in size with the optimal rating of 200 Liters Heavy Bio load systems. System 60 can be purchased as a complete solution or selected components for maximum customisations.

View the video below.

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