Apolemichthys kingi

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Common Name/s: King / Tiger Angelfish
Maximum Adult Size: 24cm
Natural Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: Natal, South Africa and Mozambique, also Indian Ocean side of Madagascar
Depth Range: 10 – 50m
Species Notes & Captive Care Notes: Although range restricted, this species is reported to be common on rocky, offshore bank reefs at depths of 10 – 50m. Inhabiting areas rich in sponge growth it likely feeds primarily on sponges and tunicates. It occurs singly or in small haremic groups. In terms of captive care, the species should be treated in the same way as A. arcuatus; a large, dimly-lit tank (certainly at first), with plenty of rockwork including caves and overhangs. Water should be clean and well-aerated with strong flow. Tankmates should be limited to peaceful, small “dither” species, at least until the fish is settled and feeding confidently. Temperature 22 – 27C without fluctuations of more than 1C in 12 hours. Hybrids of A. kingii x A. trimaculatus were collected in 2011 and 2018.

References / Further Reading:
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Small adult specimen below

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