Opistognathus randalli

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Common Name/s: Gold-specs / Blackcap / Tiger Jawfish
Maximum Adult Size: 10cm
Natural Distribution: Western Pacific: Indonesia, eastern Borneo and the Philippines
Depth Range: 5 – 32m
Species Notes & Captive Care Notes: The Goldpecs Jawfish is a fairly unusual import hailing from Indonesia and the Philippines where it occurs in waters of 6 – 20 metres depth. Like O. variabilis, it occurs singly or in small groups and is a zooplankton feeder. Although formally described only quite recently, this species is quite recognisable due to the dark head and irridescent gold markings around the top of each eye. A rather more reclusive species, these eye markings are often the only part of the fish on display in captivity as it does not typically venture far from its den.

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