Pseudanthias squamipinnis (male)

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Common Name/s: Lyretail Anthias / Sea Goldie / Wreckfish
Maximum Adult Size: 15cm
Natural Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea and Natal, South Africa to Niue, north to Japan, south to Australia. Recorded from Europa Island
Depth Range: usually 5 – 35m
Species Notes & Captive Care Notes: The most frequently available and perhaps most recognisable, the Lyretail Anthias (also sometimes known as the ‘Sea Goldie’) hails from the Indo-West Pacific and Red Sea. Occurring at depths ranging from 5 – 35 metres, this species sometimes forms large aggregations above coral outcrops or patch reefs in clear lagoons, channels, or outer reef slopes. Here they feed on zooplankton swept in by strong currents. Males typically reach up to 15cm and take on a deep red or even purple hue with spotted fins. Females stay smaller and are usually an attractive bright orange with purple eye stripes. Typical of the genus, P. squamipinnis are protogynous hermaphrodite with territorial males dominating a harem of females. This species is both relatively common and hardy but can also be fairly aggressive. A tank of at least 600 litres is required for a group that should consist of one male to several females. If kept singly a tank of around 200 litres may be suitable.

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