Database Development Strategy Update

Hello Folks, and thank you for stopping-by!

If you’ve explored the site already you may have noticed that, although some parts of the site are beginning to be filled with content, there are areas that are yet to be populated. As such we thought we would provide an update on our proposed schedule so that you know when the site will be more complete. Before we do so, of course we are aware that we could develop the site completely ‘behind closed doors’ and then release it only in it’s finished form. To be honest though we really want visitors to see the site evolve and hopefully tag along for the journey either as just occasional visitors, or subscribers. On this note, although we can’t promise anything definite at this stage, early registrants could find themselves in line for benefits down the line… so seriously please consider signing up today. It only takes a second and helps the site grow too.

If you want to read more about what the site is for, visit the About page.

So, in terms of major milestones, we aim to have repopulated the Marine Database Portal with all the images from our offline archives… the fish, corals and invertebrates galleries… by the end of June 2021. At this stage we are already nearing completion of the Marine Fish gallery image uploads, so head there for a taste of what’s to come. Processing and loading these images and structuring galleries is basically “Stage 1” of a more detailed process.

In Stage 2, although we may still be adding or upgrading sporadic images, we will be focusing on the information side of the database. Given the content involved we thought it would be fitting to add it in levels analogous to a typical reef environment… so the first of these stages is creating and adding ‘Shallow’ level content. This content is the general taxonomic and overall info that appears on a ‘family’ gallery page (for example, the text that goes on the Angelfishes page, within the Marine Fish galleries). Once this is complete to a reasonable level across all galleries, we move onto ‘Midwater’ level content which is typically the genus level info (as an example, the text that heads the Centropyge gallery within Angelfishes). Next, ‘Deepwater’ level content is the species level info which, using the example above, would be the info you see when you click on say Centropyge loriculus. Standard Deepwater info is built around a common profile template for the particular type of organism (fish, coral etc) however enhanced detail may ultimately be added by ourselves, or by users. As an example of what we hope to ultimately achieve, we have fully populated the species mentioned above to enhanced Deepwater level so click here to view. Obviously we won’t be able to do an enhanced Deepwater profile for every species but we do hope to do lots as we already have relevant images in many cases (different ages, aberrant individuals, hybrids etc of a particular species). Whatever the case, we do plan to populate every species to at least standard Deepwater level. It is here that we also hope registered users will contribute (see contributor guidelines). We envisage that we will complete standard Deepwater content across the site by the end of 2021.

Once standard Deepwater has been completed, although work on the development of the galleries will continue, we plan to increase our focus on blog social media channels.

So tag along for the ride and help us to make Digital-Reefs a force for good in the hobby!

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