Fish of the Month – January 2022

Our Fish of the Month for January 2022 is Ecsenius midas... also known as the Midas or Persian Blenny!

The Persian or Midas blenny is a fish that’s full of beauty and personality, and it’s behaviour is quite unusual for a blenny as it will often swim in open water. In the wild it favours clear coastal to outer reef wall habitats, usually where currents are moderate. Growing to around 13cm, this species occurs up to 40m deep in the wild and feeds on zooplankton amidst large schools of anthias, of which it is a mimic. For this reason this can be a really interesting fish to keep with say a group of lyretail anthias. It can even change colour to mimic other anthias species. To view the full length profile on this species with additional information and extra images, click or touch HERE. Don’t forget you can view more blenny species and many others in our Marine Fish gallery.

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