Captive-bred Rarities Land At Finest Aquatics

In an exciting development for UK hobbyists, 2 species of unusual and desirable reef fishes have recently gone up for sale at Finest Aquatics in Widnes. Coming through Tropical Marine Centre from Palau-based marine life nursery Biota, the first of these fish is Gramma dejongi, the Golden Basslet. The fact that this Cuban beauty was literally unobtainable just 10 years ago makes it even more amazing that it’s now here as a captive-bred fish. I’ve been lucky enought to see this species once before, in the display tank at Interzoo 2018, but this new specimen definitely ranks higher on the “cute factor” being just a juvenile fish. This of course promises it’s eventual custodian a long time to enjoy this stunning beauty. Next up we have a juvenile Rainfordia opercularis, a.k.a the Flathead Perch. The last time this cryptic, mainly Australian species was available in the UK was several years ago and it was wild caught adult fish on offer. This time there’s none of the guilt involved and again, the age of this fish promises not just a long period to enjoy it, but also to observe the fascinating development of this unusual species. Whatever the case, you’ll need to be fully invested to keep either¬† as both command a 4 figure price tag to reflect their exclusivity!

Gramma dejongi
Rainfordia opercularis

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