New Pod of ‘Enormous’ Adult Orcas Discovered

A new pod of massive adult orcas including five “powerful males” has been discovered off the coast of Bremer Bay in Western Australia, Whale Watch Western Australia said in a statement that the mature pod of 11 to 13 whales spotted on April 8 had never been documented before. The whales were “just beautiful,” according to the whale-watching company, and moved effortlessly through the “calm conditions” in search of a meal. Three mature bulls and two “older sprouters” are among the males traveling with them; male orcas can grow to be 26 feet long and weigh more than 12,000 pounds. “The size of these individuals was also impressive, with the males’ massive bodies towering over the others and even the females’ body condition being powerfully built as they all moved together strongly,” the company said.

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