D-D Dosing Family Joined By Super Reliable Stepper Unit

The P1-STP is the latest addition to the D-D peristaltic dosing pump family. It shares the same compact dimensions as the popular D-D P1 but contains a heavy duty, super reliable, Kamoer stepper motor. This makes it suitable for continuous running and ideal for supplying water to equipment such as calcium reactors that need a constant slow water feed.

As well as continuous running the D-D P1-STP can also be switched to dosing mode for precise user programmed additions as low as 0.1ml. In this setting the stepper motor and direct drive pro pump head allow larger liquid volumes that, due to the long run time, would cause excessive wear on standard dosing pumps. The D-D P1-STP features all the control flexibility that you would expect from a good quality dosing unit with options to dose on certain days, between set times or even have different dosing schedules at different times during a 24-hour period. Built in monitoring can also be set to keep track of the amount of liquid left in your dosing containers.

The D-D P1-STP is fully app controlled through your smart phone or tablet with the free IOS or Android Kamoer Remote app download. In the Kamoer Remote app it is possible to choose between connecting the pump through your home router, allowing access to the unit from anywhere in the world, or a local connection direct to the pump from your mobile device. Both options will give you full access to the flexible settings of the D-D P1-STP.

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