Tropical Species Invade As Med Reaches 30C +

Scientists have warned that the Mediterranean Sea is heating up due to climate change, threatening its ecosystem.

With the water currently around 5C hotter than the seasonal norm, heatwave conditions in recent weeks saw the sea temperature in certain areas rise to more than 30C.

While it may seem positive at first, divers in the area have reported more tropical fish species. Diver Mickael Youssouf told France 3 that in 25 years, he has never seen so many fish in the area, including those seeking cooler temperatures at deeper depths, but also species normally only seen in the Red Sea, such as barracudas and triggerfish. He said: “They are here in abnormal quantities. There are really more than usual, in an almost-tropical quantity.”

Scientists warn that the rising temperatures are threatening established ecosystems. Furthermore, there is a worry that warmer sea water will lead to destructive storms at the end of the summer when the arrival of colder air from the north, together with a hot sea, creates a phenomenon known as ‘cold drop’. This can lead to highly destructive rainfall of over 150 liters per square meter, and storms of this nature are becoming more common along the east and southeast coast of Spain.

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