Unique Hybrid Angel Among Madagascan Import Treasure Trove

I recently had the pleasure of being first person invited to professionally photograph an extremely rare hybrid angelfish at Finest Aquatics (in Widnes, UK). The fish is a cross between Apolemichthys trimaculatus and A. kingi of which there have only been 4 occurences documented. Sadly, none of the fish previously collected are alive today, which makes this particular fish the only one of it’s kind in captivity in the world. Collected off the north east coast of Madagascar, this specimen was part of a larger shipment from that area that contained some other highly unusual species as shown below (gallery may include fish from other shipments/areas). I’m in the process of adding all these images into my fish galleries as we approach over 800 species! You can read more detail on the background of the hybrid angel in the October 2022 issue of UltraMarine magazine.

Click or touch a thumbnail image to view species info.

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