The Blenniiformes order is large and diverse containing about 150 genera and nearly 900 species. For that reason, authorities have subdivided it into 6 families of ‘true blennies’. The term ‘true’ is used here as the name ‘blenny’ is often applied erroneously to all kinds of marine fishes (for example Dragonets which are generally always known as Scooter blennies). The six families of true blennies are the Blenniidae, Chaenopsidae, Clinidae, Dactyloscopidae, Labrisomidae and Tripterygiidae. Of these, generally members of the Blenniidae are the most commonly encountered in the marine trade indeed members of some of the other families are rarely, if ever, collected. On this latter point, note that galleries for the families where I have never encountered specimens are not included here.

Due to the high diversity of this order each family has it’s own sub-gallery that you can access by clicking or touching a thumbnail for more detail.

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