Site Development Journal

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Interested in what’s happening with the site? This is where you can read about developments, in the past, present and future! The page is structured with the most recent developments listed at the top.

27/8/2022 – I discovered that I can link the thumbnail images (as well as the thumbnail title text) to act as a link from the main gallery pages. To make it more intuitive for mobile users I’m converting all of these gradually. Basically, if a tile doesn’t seem to work click on the upper half of the image, or on the title of the tile, and that should see it link through to it’s destination. Oh, I’m also starting to add much more detail to the species profiles… starting with Angelfishes. It’s going to take a while to complete though!

August 2022 – I’ve added a few new species recently and I’m still finding surprises as I comb back over my hard drives. I’ve been updating some aspects of the fish galleries to hopefully assist with navigation… specifically adding a link back to the family or genus gallery from the species profile page. I am also trying to ramp up the frequency of adding content on the blog.

July 2022 – I’m afraid I’ve been busy with other work commitments recently so haven’t done much updating on the website. It’s looking like it will be December before I get chance to continue fleshing out the galleries.

April 2022 – I added a few new fish images… some rare Cirrhilabrus wrasses, and a few others following a shoot I did in March at AAC and at David Saxby’s tank. It’s looking like it’ll be while before I can do significant updates on content though due to work commitments.

March 2022 – I’m afraid I’ve not made too much progress on the site since the New Year as I’m exceptionally busy with my day job and a range of other projects. I do have more species to add soon though, so keep an eye open and consider dropping-by the site occasionally.

January 2022 – I am continuing to populate the galleries. While there are many images to be added, most of the basic structure is now in place (although I expect to be making occasional adjustments). One slight problem I am having is the identification of certain organisms that I can’t be 100% sure about. I have reached out on a number of large reef-keeping forums for opinions, but it is tricky as I am unable to mention the site name due to the commercial element of the blog. Oh, I also created this page! 🙂

Mid-December 2021 – site hosting has been renewed until late 2022 and work began on populating imagery into Marine Life galleries in addition to expanding Marine Fish galleries, including text information (mainly at top level.. i.e Family level summaries etc). In terms of preparing imagery, I use a number of external hard drives to store my image archives, most of which are in RAW format. To build the galleries I’ve been through these images numerous times, pulling-out images depending on what part of the site I’m focussing on. I usually tweak the RAW file then convert to a “master” JPEG. I do any cropping or PP work on these then save them to a smaller “optimsed” jpeg for inclusion on the site. In terms of PP work, I don’t aim to “enhance” images beyond removal of distracting elements, colour/levels correction etc.

Late December 2020 to Mid-January 2021 – new site launched with main emphasis on tweaking overall layout. Social media channels set-up and linked. Work began on preparing and populating imagery into the Marine Fish galleries. During the rest of 2021 I didn’t make much progress on the site due to other commitments. My initial plan was to do a lot more with the blog… product news, etc.