Contributor Guidelines

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Setting-up and running this site takes a considerable amount of time and effort! If you would like to help-out, I am particularly interested in receiving identification corrections, or suggestions (in the latter case, for species that are listed as “possibly” or “unknown”). However, please note that I’d only ask you to ID species if you are very confident in your suggestion. If you are sure, as well as providing the exact species name, please provide a link to a source that confirms your suggestion, or if this is not possible, please provide a brief rationale for your conclusion. If I concur with your suggestion, I am more than happy to credit your knowledge in the species information profile section in question. You can contact me by clicking here. Better still, if you become a registered user, you can submit a comment against the species in question, and I will make this comment publicly visible (please be sure to include the name you would like to be credited by if this is not your user-name). In a similar way, you can submit general comments against a relevant species. As an example, if you have noticed a spawning trigger for a certain species, or perhaps conflict involving a particular species, you can advise or warn others using the comment feature. With any comment, please keep information clear, concise, and reasonably detailed. Please note that I reserve the right to hold-back any comment that I don’t feel meets the criteria outlined here.