This section contains a variety of reef-related links that will take you off-site. These sites have proven extremely useful in the creation of this website as they are all extremely well-established and balanced sources. In short, you can trust the information they provide!

Firstly, I want to thank the following marine retailers in the UK for allowing me access to their stock over the years. Without the help of these leading UK outlets, I would not have been able to document such a wide array of species.

Advanced Aquarium Consultancy, Essex
Burscough Aquatics, Ormskirk
Cheshire Aquatics, Blakemere
Finest Aquatics, Widnes
Kraken Corals, Lancashire
Maidenhead Aquatics, Windsor
Oasis Aquarium, Manchester
Tropical Marine Centre, Manchester

Plus many more who are sadly, no longer trading.

High Quality “General” Reef Information Sources – Web

SeaWater Lexicon (
ReefKeeping Online Magazine

Specialist Reef Information Sources – Web

Fishwise Professional
Crab Database
Dr Caldwell’s Stomatopod Pages
Corals of the World

Recommended Reading – Books

“Reef Fishes Series” by Scott Michael
“Aquarium Corals” by Eric Borneman
“The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium” by Alf Jacob Nilsen and Svein A. Fossa
“Natural Reef Aquariums” by John H Tullock
“The New Marine Aquarium” by Michael S. Paletta
“The Conscientious Marine Aquarist” by Robert M. Fenner
“The Reef Aquarium” by Julian Sprung and J. Charles Delbeek
“The Successful Reef Aquarium” by Daniel Knop
“Book of Coral Propagation” by Anthony Calfo
“The Marine Aquarium Handbook” by Martin A. Moe Jr.
“Indo-Pacific Corals” by Joe Rowlett

Reef-Keeping Magazines

UltraMarine Magazine
Coral Magazine
Reef Hobbyist Magazine

Marine & Reef-keeping Forums


Other Reef Media

Tidal Gardens

This list is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.