The Apogonidae family are residents of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans; although most are marine, some species are found in brackish water and a few are even found in fresh water. They often favour caves and lagoons, and are usually nocturnal by habit. Of the 370 species that make up the family, just a handful of species regularly appear in the aquarium trade. Generally, these are small, timid fishes and they are usually peaceful with other species, indeed they are more likely to be the target of aggression than the culprits. A number of species have been bred in captivity. Actually thay are also interesting for that fact that the males of certain species brood their eggs in their mouths. Some authorities split the 40 or so genera that form the family into 2 subfamilies but we haven’t done that in this gallery as yet, for simplicity.

Apogon genus – the largest genus in the family, there are around 50 Apogon species. These fish are generally small and live at moderate depths where they congregate in caves and grottos, sometimes in large numbers. Nocturnal by nature, they venture out to feed at night on swarming zooplankton. Click or touch a thumbnail image for species level information.

Apogonichthys genus – introduction coming soon.

Apogonichthyoides genus – introduction coming soon.

Ostorhinchus genus – introduction coming soon.

Pseudamia genus – introduction coming soon.

Pterapogon genus – introduction coming soon.

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